My History

I am creating this blog to talk about the physical, mental and emotional toll I experienced from a tonsillectomy and recovery as an adult.

I am a 47 year old female who is an ex-smoker. I smoked in my early twenties and quit for 16 years and then started again 7 years ago. I quit again 9 months ago and switched to vaping. For the last 9 months I have been vaping a nicotine level of 3mg.  I have quit vaping since my tonsillectomy.

It all stared with a sore throat that came on quickly and felt like knives cutting the inside of my throat. My throat was very red and irritated. My right tonsil was swollen and misshapen, it did not look like the pictures I was seeing on-line about tonsillitis. After 3 visits to my PCP, one to the ER, 2 rounds of prednisone and 1 antibiotic and almost 2 months later, my PCP said I should have a CT scan with contrast and see an ENT.

I booked the CT and an appointment with the ENT a couple days later. He looked at the CT, looked in my throat, asked me if I ever smoked and then said,

“We have to take it out and do a biopsy.”

Biopsy? I asked him if he suspected cancer. His reply was not very reassuring. He said,

“Anyone your age with a smoking history and 1 abnormal tonsil…has to come out. If it is cancer, the treatment is removal, which we have to do to get a biopsy, followed by radiation.”

Surgery was scheduled for, of all days…Valentines Day.


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