Surgery Day:

Nothing to eat or drink since 8 pm the night before surgery. I arrived at the ENT Surgery Center with a growling stomach at 9:00 am on 2/14/17. I was brought to the pre-op area and was told we had to do a pregnancy test. I looked at the nurse and said,

“I’m a 47 year old lesbian, there is no chance that I am pregnant.”

She wouldn’t take my word for it and 7 minutes later I got the good news,

“You’re not pregnant.”

The nurse handed me a johnny, a pair of grippy socks and a paper hat. I changed into them and got under the sheet on the bed. The nurse came back in to place the IV. I must have been a bit dehydrated because she tried the top of my left hand and then my right, both of which she couldn’t get and I bruised immediately. She went to get the anesthesiologist because they are allowed to try twice and then have to have someone else place the IV. He got it in my wrist, but now all 3 spots were killing.

My wife was allowed to come in to see me for a few minutes before they brought me in. Then the nurse came in and said,

“Just going to give you a little something in the IV to help you relax.”

My wife kissed me on the forehead as they wheeled me out of the room and that is the last thing I remember until I woke up in the recovery room.

The nurse in recovery got me up into a chair shortly after I woke up. I was still pretty groggy and had a dull pain, but nothing horrible. She had me chew on ice and sip some water, which felt good. It must have taken me a while to wake up, or my surgery took longer, either way I was the last patient to leave at around 1 pm.

That first day wasn’t too bad. I had a sore throat, but was still slightly drugged from the anesthesia and pain medication. I had slushy juices and slushy Gatorade and slept most of the day. I could not swallow my pain medication and had to crush it and mix it in applesauce.

Between the pain and the snoring that was bordering on sleep apnea, having to sip iced drinks and going to the bathroom every 30 minutes I don’t think I slept for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.


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