Recovery 1 Month Later


Today is recovery day 34, March 20th, 2017. The last 16 days has had its ups and downs. The ear pain has gone away, but I still have a pressure in my right ear. The throat pain is only there when I yawn or sneeze. I still have some discomfort in the lymph glands on the right side of m neck and a sore, stiff neck. I am able to eat a more normal diet of regular consistency foods. Swallowing is still somewhat a challenge. The other day while eating dinner my wife looked at me and exclaimed,

“You are eating like a cow chewing their cud!”

I can’t help it. I had to see the ENT again on March 13th because I developed a red sore at the back base of my tongue near the surgical site. I also had, and still have, edema in my throat, tongue and mouth. He put me on an antibiotic thinking that I had developed a post op bacterial infection. After 2 days on the Amoxicillin the swelling was not getting better and seemed to be worse. I called his office and was put on a 5 day steroid taper of Methylprednisolone. So far it is not working. I am finished with the antibiotic and only have 1 steroid pill to take tonight and 1 tomorrow morning. Point being…swallowing is difficult.


In the first two pictures (2/18 & 2/22) you can see the yellow scab that is over the surgical site. The arch to that side is higher and wider than the side that still has a tonsil. I the picture from 3/7, the scab has come off and the area is a little red and raw, but otherwise looking like its healing well. In the picture from 3/16 you can see that edema has started. Half of my tongue, roof of my mouth and area where the tonsil used to be is all swollen, including part of my throat. In the picture from this morning, 3/20/17, the swelling is worse. My uvula is sitting on top of my tongue and slightly covered by the back of the tongue, the arch on the surgical side is very swollen.

Last night was a difficult night. I was up about 6-8 times either from freezing or feeling like I was on fire and coughing from the constant dry scratchy tickle and feeling of something stuck in the back of my throat about the size of a horse pill. I have another appointment with my ENT this afternoon. I pray he figures out what is going on.

Thirty-Four Days of torture. Thirty-Four sleepless nights. There has to be an end to this. My throat has to become normal again. My life has to become normal again. No one can truly understand what this is like unless they have been through it. My wife can see how uncomfortable and depressed I am, but she gets to get away from it and go to work, be normal. I am stuck in it, never lets up, with no end in sight. Yes, I may not be in agonizing pain anymore, but the constant coughing, gagging, clearing my throat, swallowing 3 times just to get saliva down, having to chew like a cow, feeling as if a horse pill or cotton balls are stuck in my throat, swelling getting worse, fear of my throat swelling shut and not being able to breath…it’s enough to make you insane.


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